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2. Living In a Dream (Bonus Track) Lyrics

Living In a Dream (Bonus Track) Lyrics

My teachers always told me I was dumb. They told me I was ignorant, that I wasnt the one. Their criticisms always put me down. It just makes me stronger to look at ware I am at right now. Livin in a

6. The Only Reason Lyrics

The Only Reason Lyrics

This is my heart, I give it to you Fragile the parts, please don't you break it Here is my soul, it's all I've got It might not be much but it keeps me together This is my world, my soul, my heart Th

12. Out Of My Way Lyrics

Out Of My Way Lyrics

She lights the room with her triple beam eyes You know she's making me crazy She is an angel living way up high High on a mountain You know I try to cut her down to size She don't let me I think abou

19. Stoned (acoustic version) Lyrics

Stoned (acoustic version) Lyrics

I gotta get this shit off my chest Another sucker behind a desk You try to tell me that you know best Snap your fingers, snap your neck Sunshine has always been an enemy (Sunshine an enemy) My life a

20. Blood On The Table Lyrics

Blood On The Table Lyrics

You lied a river of tears I know that you're faking You cried and quivered adhered Way to stick to it But I've given everything that's left The blood spilled on the table You cried and quivered adher